• an ambitious vision to develop the world’s abundant biomass energy resources and generate power from them.
  • Biomass Resources

    Biomass Group has selected biomass resources that do not have an arable use for its fuel supply. These include:

    • Gliricidia – a nitrogen-fixing short rotating coppicing tree native to Central America but is now established in tropical countries. Notable for its rapid growth, the tree is used as a live fence, for fodder, as a shade tree for tea, firewood, green manure and rat poison.
    • Calliandra – is a small, perennial leguminous tree native to Central America. It was introduced to Asia in 1936 and has spread to East Africa, where it is now widely used for fodder. It is also used to provide green manure, shade, land rehabilitation and erosion control. It is an excellent fuel wood as it dries quickly and burns well with a smokeless fire.
    • Bamboo – a member of the grass family and one of the fastest growing plants in the world. The plant is of notable economic and cultural significance in South and South East Asia. It is used to prevent soil erosion on riverbanks, for building materials, as a food source and as a versatile raw material for textiles.