• an ambitious vision to develop the world’s abundant biomass energy resources and generate power from them.
  • Intelligent Supply Chain

    Biomass Group works with plantation owners and a myriad of small farmers who own small plots of land. By putting in place a leading edge supply chain management system using cloud based applications and smart phones in the field, we will have the means to accurately forecast supply and demand of fuel-wwod and other products, pay suppliers fairly and on time and reliably deliver  the agreed volumes to customers.

    The system captures data at each step of the chain, from the initial planting of new trees, to harvesting and collection time, to transportation and final processing at the local depot.  The business can provide a full audit trail throughout the system and will include other important information such as the carbon sequestration potential of trees and the carbon emitted in the transport and processing steps.

    This intelligent supply chain system allows Biomass Group to provide full transparency, information on socio-economic impact, climate impact, and volumetric information for the benefit of customers, suppliers and investors. In addition, the supply chain will support delivery of new crops to market helping to reduce agrarian poverty, urban drift, budget and balance of payments imbalances and environmental damage.