• an ambitious vision to develop the world’s abundant biomass energy resources and generate power from them.
  • Socio-economic Impact

    Biomass Group is a true triple bottom line business.   It will deliver additional income to farmers and plantations, it will reduce imports of coal and oil, and it will reduce subsidies on fertilizer and electricity.

    The primary biomass source in Sri Lanka is Gliricidia, a short rotation coppicing tree, which is inter-cropped in tea and coconut plantations and grown as a live fence and support tree by a myriad of small holders ‘out growers’.  Both small farmers and plantations can grow and sell Gliricidia wood (biomass), Gliricidia leaves (used as fertilizer and fodder), and produce other crops (pepper, vanilla) that use the Gliricidia as a support plant – all of which generate additional income.  In addition, new planting of Gliricidia can increase yields on inter-cropped produce and rehabilitate tired soils and unused land.

    Biomass will also be used to generate power to feed into the grid, and as an alternative fuel source for use in biomass boilers, ovens and kilns for industrial companies.

    Lastly, growing new Gliricidia trees can also attract carbon credits which once sold become an additional source of income.