Capacity Building | BioMass

We are investing in capacity building and knowledge transfers

Biomass Supplies has conducted over 700 training programs to date.

Since May 2013, we have been working with Dr. Lionel Weerakoon, the foremost expert on Gliricidia in Sri Lanka. He is known as “Mr. Gliricidia” on account of developing the “Lionel Weerakoon method of Gliricidia propagation”. Dr. Weerakoon has been focused on training small holder farmers on how to save money through organic agricultural practices, using home developed organic pesticides, fungicides, microbial cultures, and organic fertilizer.

Since 2016, we have been working with Dr. Ananda Tennakoon, formerly the Deputy Director of the Coconut Research Institute (CRI) who is a specialist on coconut and soil health. Dr Tenakoon’s focus is on coconut plantations where we educate plantation owners how to substitute Gliricidia leaves for the coconut plantations UREA inputs.

30 kilograms of Gliricidia leaves can replace the entire UREA requirement input of a single coconut tree for a year.