Soil Health | BioMass

We help to recover soil health

In producing our fuelwood resources, we enhance food production by improving soil health – regenerating soil through a return to organic farming by using Gliricidia leaves as a compost and as pesticide. In addition, soils are enriched by Gliricidia’s nitrogen fixing root nodules which pulls nutrients closer to the soil surface.

The farmer no longer needs to spend money on chemical fertilizer and the water table is not poisoned from chemical fertilizer / pesticide run-off.  Soil and farming families are both healthier and more productive.  The Gliricidia trunks and regenerated organic soil both act as a carbon sink.

This business will raise farm incomes, regenerate soil and create a carbon sink which reduces atmospheric CO2 because of the millions of trees that are planted by our smallholder farmers and plantation owners. In addition the biomass is a sustainable fuel used to replace fuel oil and coal.