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We are driving a shift to organic agriculture

As a major by-product of developing fuelwood resources, Biomass Supplies is a catalyst for organic food production. Over the last 4 years, we have conducted over 600 training programs to help educate farmers on how to replace their costly chemical inputs with free organic compost and pesticide based on Gliricidia leaves. Farmers are also taught how to efficiently harvest fuelwood and switch to organic food produce for their families. In many of the areas in which we work Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) – linked to chemical farm inputs – is a real concern.

Farmers are also educated on climate change impacts on their land and mitigation options, human rights and women’s rights and the impacts and legality of child labor – in keeping with the RSB standard and in anticipation of the VCS and CCBS standards.

We are creating a better market for food produce

For crops like vanilla, pepper and cashew, Biomass Supplies is making it easier for buyers to go direct to farmers with better prices and forward commitments – increasing farmer’s incomes and peace of mind.

By mapping farmer’s crop capacity, Biomass Supplies can help match this supply with buyer demand.

Over time, the switch to organic farming techniques should translate into higher prices for organic food produce.