Biomass Group is a bio-energy business that develops biomass resources for local industry use and exports whilst transforming rural communities.

Gliricidia Sepium is the tree we use to supply deforestation-free, ethical, sustainable, traceable and certified fuelwood to local industry. 

Gliricidia Sepium plant is a fast growing tree that enhances soil fertility and acts as a catalyst for sustainable agricultural practices. Only branches are coppiced for the use of biomass fuelwood while the trunk and roots remain intact to sequester carbon.

Our outgrower model is designed to deliver socio-economic impact for our supply partners, which in turn ensures our security of supply. We can sustainably deliver socio-economic impact at scale which will have a radically positive transformative impact on Sri Lanka’s energy and food nexus.

We intend to showcase this agro-energy model to the world and replicate this business in other countries on the Equator where Gliricidia grows in abundance.

Partner with Biomass Group

We are interested in partnering with smallholder farmers, private estates and large plantations, schools, Buddhist temples, and church land across Sri Lanka.

We are looking to collaborate with private companies creating agricultural value-added products for both Sri Lanka and the World market.

What our stakeholders say