Biomass Group will raise the incomes of smallholder farmers by

  • reducing purchases of fertilizer and pesticide
  • providing new income from the sales of Gliricidia
  • being a conduit to market for selected food crops
  • creating local jobs across its supply chain operations

Biomass Group will increase the incomes and education of smallholders the majority of these are women. Steady and increased income can facilitate micro loans access to mainly women smallholders. Biomass Group is founded and led by a woman

Biomass Group will increase food production and reduce waste in the supply chain It does this by training farmers to produce their own fertilizer and by putting in place world class supply chain operation By enabling crop insurance and security of both demand and price for produce, Biomass Group will support crop production that in the longer term can certify as organic

Biomass Group will replace unsustainable fuel sources with renewable energy: Sri Lankan industrial furnaces switch from furnace oil to biomass. Farmers grow their own fuel supply rather than gathering from local forests.

Biomass Group reduces Sri Lanka’s kidney disease epidemic by replacing chemical fertilizers and pesticides with natural products derived from Gliricidia leaves In addition, food crops can become organic Improved farmer incomes also result in better nutrition and health care for farmer families

Our ambition is to oversee the planting of a billion new Gliricidia trees which will sequester carbon in their trunks and roots structure Harvested branches will provide a sustainable source of fuelwood (every 6 18 months depending on the rainfall) which can be used to make green electricity for Sri Lanka and contribute to this objective in other countries.

These SDG's can be achieved with extra efforts made: