We use state-of-the-art technology

David Lane
David Lane (IT Solutions/supply chain advisor)

Biomass Group is now implementing a state of the art farmer signup and supply chain platform ‘PLanT’ (Produce Logistics and Traceability) to track every farmer, monitor fuelwood inventory, monitor crop capacity for other/food produce, document impact on livelihoods, and calculate the carbon sequestration potential of trees that are planted.

This PLanT platform will capture data at each step of the chain, from the initial planting of new trees, to harvesting and collection time, to transportation and final processing at the local depot. Thus providing a full audit trail and full transparency on socio-economic impact, climate impact, and volumetric information for the benefit of customers, suppliers and investors.

In addition, the PLanT platform will help the farmer sell a growing range of crops to buyers – further improving farmer incomes.